Donations & Sponsorships

Thank you for contacting Royal Farms!

We have received your correspondence and will review it at our earliest opportunity.

If you do not get additional correspondence from us, it indicates that we can’t come to your aid at this time. 

As you might imagine, we get many inquiries from a number of individuals as well as from many groups and organizations asking for our help. These requests include product donations, other in-kind support, monetary contributions, volunteer work and various partnership and sponsorship opportunities. We make every effort to help with as many requests as possible but the requests far exceed our resources.

The primary charitable cause that Royal Farms supports is Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. This cause is very well-deserving, and all monies collected are used to support children and their families who are very much in need of assistance. We also support Living Classrooms Foundation and Hampden Family Center and we provide assistance to many food banks, cancer fundraisers, and various community events on an on-going basis.

We wish you the best and thank you for your understanding.