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Green Building Practices

Real Fresh. Real Fast. Real Green.
Since 2008 we have been making modifications to our standard store design, and materials, to make them less costly to operate and more sustainable in all aspects, more comfortable for employees and customers as well as more energy efficient.

We started this process to reduce operating and construction costs but quickly came to the realization that these changes positioned our stores advantageously for LEED certification. It was with this realization that we pulled a team together to define real strategies and undertake a company wide effort to live up to a standard of – Royal Farms: Real Fresh. Real Fast. Real Green.

U.S Green Building Council logo. The management and ownership here at Royal Farms, as well as the design team, were not willing to give up when faced with the challenges that come with implementing LEED in a convenience store. It took a little time on the first building to pinpoint meaningful and cost effective strategies and determine whether it would strive for LEED certification or simply just implement some sustainable practices. In many cases, a store could be a major challenge simply based on where it was located. Modifying the standard for how we build our stores and focusing on those things that matched the stores purpose and financials, resulted in standardizing many sustainable practices for all Royal Farms stores regardless of whether we seek LEED certification or not.

With a strong commitment from the top of the organization, we have done what few other convenience stores (or fast food chains) in the country have done - Made a conscious decision that every new store in our portfolio will be either LEED certified, or be designed and built to LEED standards when Certification isn't feasible due to rural locations.

This means that all new stores, including those not pursuing certification demonstrate Royal Farms commitment:

  • Highly efficient mechanical systems

  • Customer accessible recycling

  • Maximized recycled and regional materials

  • All low-emitting materials

  • Low-flow and waterless fixtures

  • Native and adaptive landscaping

  • No irrigation

  • Recycling cooking oil into Biodiesel

  • Water recycling in our car washes

...and many other sustainable practices above and beyond the requirements of LEED

Environmental Stewardship Award
The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has recently named Royal Farms in USGBC's country wide list of Top Ten LEED Retail Stores!

This great achievement was given to Royal Farms to acknowledge the large number of stores that they have certified. With over 20 LEED Certified stores, and another six due to certify this summer and fall alone, Royal Farms is proving their environmental dedication to their employees, customers, and community.

We are here for you.

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